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3 Effective Ways You Can Protect Your Tucson, AZ Roof

Maintaining your roof is essential to protect the contents of your home or the inventory of your business in Tucson, Arizona. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends prompt repairs to any damage done to roofing materials to prevent moisture from damaging structural elements of your roof or your indoor spaces. Here are three of the most important ways to protect your roof from damage or deterioration in our area.

Prepare for Monsoon Season

Each summer, Arizona homes and businesses experience the high winds, lightning and torrential rain associated with the annual monsoon season. According to the National Weather Service, the official Arizona monsoon season begins on June 15 and ends on September 30 of each year. Cleaning gutters and making necessary repairs before the monsoon season begins will typically provide added protection for your roof throughout this hazardous time of year.

Replace Worn-out Shingles

Shingles that no longer function to keep water and wind out should be replaced by professional roofers as soon as possible. These repair services will help to protect your roof and your property from damage caused by moisture and water that can penetrate damaged shingles.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Not all roof issues are visible from the ground or at a passing glance. Working with roofers from an established local company can help you to spot issues with your roof before they turn into serious problems. This can allow you to schedule the residential or commercial roofing services you need to enjoy greater peace of mind now and in the future.

The friendly and professional roofers at Universal Roofing can provide you with expert help in protecting your roof from some of the most common issues in our area. We serve Tucson and the surrounding areas with practical and positive solutions that work for your home or business, as well as your budget. Give us a call today to request more information about our roofing services or to schedule an appointment with us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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