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Is it Necessary to Clean My Tucson, Arizona Roof?

Roof cleaning is a routine part of home maintenance. It gives your Tucson house an aesthetic facelift, adding to its overall value, and prolongs the lifespan of the materials. While neglect can cause shingle deterioration, using the wrong cleaning techniques can also damage the roofing system. Cleaning a roof is dangerous work and can create more problems, so follow these tips for DIY roof maintenance tasks and when to call in a roofing contractor.

Clear Away Yard Debris

A roof’s valleys and gutter system can trap pine needles, leaves and fallen branches that obstruct rain runoff. This pooling water not only nurtures mold and algae growth but also contributes to water damage outside and inside the home. A good roof cleaning starts with removing this accumulated waste. You should also trim back branches on nearby trees, pull off climbing plants and make sure roots are not close to the ground drainage systems.

Use the Soft Wash Method

Unsightly black streaks or dark splotches often wash away with a scrubbing. Professional cleaners lightly spray the areas with a mixed solution of bleach water and other biodegradable chemicals. Unlike pressure washing, this soft wash method prevents damaging the shingles and substructure. A rinse with a garden hose is fine, but pressurized sprays can push shingles out of place or force water underneath the tiles. Never direct a hard water stream at the edge of the roofline. Cover landscaping near the house to protect it from the runoff.

Don’t Void the Warranty

If your roof is under warranty, then check the manufacturer and installer’s guidelines for roof maintenance and cleaning. Each material requires a different approach, and DIY methods may void the clauses. Additionally, a quality roofing contractor will provide a workmanship warranty when cleaning the roof. Contact Universal Roofing to learn how we can help your roof look its best with our safe, environmentally friendly cleaning methods and annual preventive roof inspections.

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